Operation Review

ClearEdge consultants possess the advantage of extensive hands-on workflow design, improvement and adaptation working with market leaders across multiple asset management types. We do not offer a ‘theoretical’ review of best practices but a hands-on analysis of what works for the front, middle and back-offices in the real world.

We provide an in-depth review of your workflows that reviews operational processes and system architecture. We recommend no-nonsense best practice suggestions for quality and efficiency of your procedures seeking to achieve timely and effective results that will put your firm in the position to grow and prosper in the coming years.

We review operational processes for the full trade life cycle workflows from order generation, compliance, execution, settlements and accounting. ClearEdge will analyze current process details including data usage always with an eye towards optimizing performance, reducing risk and controlling cost.

Order Management

  1. Charles River Development
  2. MacGregor
  3. Latent Zero
  4. LineData
  5. Advent Moxy

Electronic Execution

  1. TradeWeb
  2. Liquidnet
  3. Lava
  4. Pipeline
  5. MarketAxess
  6. FXConnect

Interface Integration

  1. Axys, APX
  2. Portia
  3. Princeton Financial
  4. VPM
  5. CITCO
  6. IFS
  7. Bloomberg


... and more...