Process Reengineering

We believe that the most successful asset managers do not rest on their laurels. They exist in what can only be described as a continual improvement mode; always seeking a better way to maximize returns and revenues while minimizing expense.

Although our primary business is focused around system and technological solutions, as we state repeatedly, our overriding concern is to help asset managers perform their tasks in the most efficient manner regardless of the incorporation of systems. At ClearEdge, we help transform our clients' organizations by aligning strategy, information, technology, and processes across the business.

We have also assisted clients seeking to outsource operations to an external service provider as well as to bring external operations in-house. This seems to be a common theme for clients these days as the reliability and efficacy of service providers widely varies.

Our General Approach

Having undertaken several of these types of projects, we've developed an appreciation for the methods that lead to successful procedural transformation. Successful process reengineering efforts will always involve aspects of the following:

Planning and Goal Setting

Identify the end-state objective. This type of project often needs executive sponsorship and endorsement as it likely impacts multiple groups of an organization. To avoid political or turf battles, the edict for change needs to come from the top.

Analysis and Mapping of Current Processes

You can't plot a course to the destination without knowing where you're starting from. We speak to representatives of the organization to gain an understanding of current procedures and chart the flow of information. During this process, we start to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Design To-Be Processes

Having established a starting point and a destination, we start to map out the future process. This is often an iterative undertaking. We also incorporate industry best practices during the design.


Frequently the most difficult aspect of these engagements is the actual deployment of change. We develop a transition plan that seeks to minimize risk.

Change Management and Culture

Having worked with many personality types in all forms of organizations, we've gained an appreciation of what motivates different people. We understand that some people want to be walked through procedures in painstaking detail while others only want the big picture. We appreciate the varied demands on our clients time and do our utmost to make the best use of it. We utilize this cultural approach throughout all phases of these projects.


Order Management

  1. Charles River Development
  2. MacGregor
  3. Latent Zero
  4. LineData
  5. Advent Moxy

Electronic Execution

  1. TradeWeb
  2. Liquidnet
  3. Lava
  4. Pipeline
  5. MarketAxess
  6. FXConnect

Interface Integration

  1. Axys, APX
  2. Portia
  3. Princeton Financial
  4. VPM
  5. CITCO
  6. IFS
  7. Bloomberg


... and more...