Vendor Evaluation and Selection

Whether it be Portfolio Accounting, Order Management, EMS, or other type of system, ClearEdge can help you make an educated and efficient evaluation of the alternatives. We recognize that the best system for one firm is not necessarily the best for another. We work with clients to establish criteria appropriate to your business needs and then provide a structured process within which a systematic evaluation can be conducted.

Our General Process

We typically walk our clients through a five-step process when conducting system searches:


In many cases, again according to business need, the process is more formalized. In those instances, we will work with you to incorporate development of an RFI or RFP within the context of the above procedures.


Order Management

  1. Charles River Development
  2. MacGregor
  3. Latent Zero
  4. LineData
  5. Advent Moxy

Electronic Execution

  1. TradeWeb
  2. Liquidnet
  3. Lava
  4. Pipeline
  5. MarketAxess
  6. FXConnect

Interface Integration

  1. Axys, APX
  2. Portia
  3. Princeton Financial
  4. VPM
  5. CITCO
  6. IFS
  7. Bloomberg


... and more...